Engracedhands writing institute is an institute borne out of need by passionate young writers. The principal of this institute who is a writer, blogger, editor, and a poet received requests from his friends, colleagues and subordinates to teach the art of writing, having witnessed his excellence in the art. The institute offers courses varying from basic writing, creative writing, poetry, essay writing, blogging, and proposal writing as it stands.


  The institute also offers consultancy services and as well links and updates on great writing contests useful just for you as a writer. Two days after the first public announcement of the institute’s training on basic writing and poetry course, the principal received this message from a sincere fellow he hasn’t met before.


“Thank you very much sir. You are God-sent. Throughout the day, I was thinking. I used to be a writer and a poet. I stopped writing for a long time. So, I was meditating, asking God for restoration. Seeing ENGRACED HANDS is an answer to my prayer. I believe that through this, there will be a stirring of God’s gift in me. Thank you very much, Sir. More insights, sir”



  If you’re thinking you are not yet in the right place, you’ve only made a mistake; this is the best place you could ever be. Welcome, as ENGRACEDHANDS WRITING INSTITUTE revives writing excellence in you!





...EngracedHands is dedicated to rebirthing excellence in writers...

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